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Aug 19, 2010
Downtown, Shootin'.

Can't believe how exhausting it is to put a computer together again. Worst part: forgetting that 90% of my old comp stuff (you guys know it. it's the stuff that you use when your new JUNK doesn't want to work straight away!) isn't here with me. That's right - I distanced myself from it and it has by all means come full circle. Anyway, I digress. What was topic of this evening's lecture?

Tell me something, pretty much anything that is going on for you right now and I'll
write 250 words on it for you.

Luke didn't even bother logging off, just a rap of his knuckles on the desk before he rose and left to shower. Little did he know he was receiving comments all over his blog without ever having been able to know. It was happening again.

*   *   *

Posted at 07:36 pm by 11MK
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